A Portrait of Pieter Koning, 2017.

Exhibited at the Zurich Portrait Prize, 2018. National Gallery of Ireland. 


"This picture was made when I visited Pieter Koning’s studio. Pieter remains a prolific painter and sculptor, despite suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a long-term degenerative disorder often associated with rigidity and thinking problems. The portrait was made during a conversation over coffee, during which I unknowingly instructed Pieter to talk using his hands. Pieter explained that he didn’t do that much anymore. When he told me about his condition I felt uneasy about my brash instructions. I carried on the conversation and swapped to a wide-angle lens to slightly magnify his hands. I thought about my camera’s ability to freeze movements and picked a moment. Having made the picture, I wasn’t entirely sure if I should show him this way, but Pieter assured me that I had captured him well."